3-Day Sesshin with Teah Strozer, Oct 20-22

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This three-day sesshin (formal retreat) with Teah Strozer, runs October 20th-22nd.

Retreat Schedule: 9-5pm Fri – Sat, 9-3pm Sun. 

Attendance: Strong preference and recommendation for folks to attend all three days.  You are allowed to do Saturday and Sunday only if necessary.

Lay Practice: Liberation through the Urban Nest

How can we stay grounded in the truth of what we are when there is so much distraction pulling us away from our inner stillness and silence? What support do we need to practice in an urban setting? It is possible to have a deep and committed lay urban practice that allows us to walk in the midst of all this worldly confusion expressing ourselves fully from that silent center.  While it may be easier to practice in a monastic setting or as a priest, we can deeply realize the teachings as lay people through our formal practice within community. It is from there we bring our understanding into our urban lives, whether at work, home or with family and friends.

At the end of this sesshin, there will be a ceremony in which Teah Strozer will be giving Laura O’Loughlin Lay Entrustment.

Lay entrustment is a major step on a lay practitioner’s path, offered to acknowledge such a person as a teacher for their community.  It is not easily given. Laura has practiced for many decades and now, with her insight and maturity as a base, she is accepting the responsibility and joy of supporting our practicing community on our path to embody the heart of awareness. We invite the community to respond to her stepping up with happiness all around and to sit with her during the three-day sesshin before her ceremony. Everyone is welcome to the ceremony, including those unable to participate in the sesshin. The exact time of the ceremony will be announced closer to the date; stay tuned for more information. 

Full sesshin cost: Sustaining $285 / Base $240 / Members (for 3 months) $150. Please see the registration page for partial attendance pricing.

We require a minimum attendance of two consecutive days ending on Sunday.

Please note that Brooklyn Zen Center is not a residential community.

BZC offers retreats on a sliding scale basis to allow participants to pay according to individual means. Please consider giving at our sustaining rate which directly supports inclusive community attendance on this retreat.

Registration is now closed.

Partial scholarships are available for sitting retreats such as this one. To apply for a scholarship, please use this link and wait for approval before registration. Scholarship applications are due by October 8th at 11:59 p.m.

Please note our cancellation policy: To request a refund for this event, you must notify BZC in writing at least one week before the beginning of the course or event. Refunds are issued for any and all cancellations up to seven days before an event less a $10 processing fee. Less than seven days before an event, we do not offer refunds. There are no refunds for events with registration fees under $50.


teah5-1About Teah Strozer
Teah Strozer is the guiding teacher at Brooklyn Zen Center and a proud foster parent.  Teah is a Zen Buddhist priest, dharma teacher, and lineage-holder in the Soto Zen tradition of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. She received dharma transmission from Sojun Mel Weitsman. Teah has been practicing meditation since 1967, lived at Tassajara Monastery for 11 years, and has studied directly under Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Dainin Katagiri Roshi. Teah worked for 10 years in a High School, bringing meditation and ethical teachings to teenagers and faculty. She has run mindful industrial kitchens and has taught music and meditation in schools in Nyeri, Kenya. Teah has taught for many years at the San Francisco Zen Center and also at the Bay School of San Francisco, where she served as the chaplain. She currently divides her time between San Francisco and Brooklyn, visiting our community throughout the year to teach and lead extended meditation retreats and practice periods.

Access Notes: There is one short flight of stairs leading to the entrance to the building. Please press 3-0 to be buzzed in. The center is located at the top of a steeper second staircase of around 20 steps. A ramp and elevator are available via an alternate entrance; please email in advance if you need access. Chairs, benches, and extra support cushions are available. We are not yet a fragrance-free space; our hand soap is scented with essential oils. If you have any additional questions about accessibility, please contact us at info@brooklynzen.org.