New Audio Dharma Talk: Greg Snyder

You can now listen to a dharma talk by BZC’s dharma teacher and senior priest Greg Snyder: Embodying the Path of Liberation in Our Lives, Part 2, (02/18/2017).


This talk was offered during a three-day sesshin at the Brooklyn Zen Center:

Embodying the Path of Liberation in Our Lives

The Buddha taught that the end of suffering was found in what he called the Noble Eightfold Path. The elements of this path are divided into three emphases that have traditionally been referred to as the Threefold Training. These three are sīla (behavioral discipline), samadhi (gathering mind) and prajñā (wisdom). These three areas of training are necessary for living a life of liberation. Our tradition of Soto Zen, grounded in the teachings of Eihei Dogen, emphasizes the Buddha’s realization that freedom cannot be found without all three of these trainings together as one.

Part 1 is available here. Part 3 will soon be available.

As Greg shared during this talk:

“We might find ourselves walking through the zendo when people are sitting and we might think we’re walking on the floor, but part of what we’re doing is walking through the minds and hearts of everyone who is sitting.  And our footsteps are such that they take that into account. Of course this isn’t just the case here, we’re always walking through the hearts and minds of everyone else. It’s just more obvious here.”

Greg will be leading a one-day retreat, Cultivating Bodhisattva Effort Until Death (January 20), honoring the life and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King.

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