Online & In-Person Zendo

To join the online offerings, please contact Flo Lunn here in advance. Please note that all times are NY EST.

Please note the following changes during the summer interim schedule (August 1 – September 5):

    • On Saturdays, we’ll have a limited in-person meditation schedule at Boundless Mind Temple (the online meditation weekday schedule will remain unchanged):

9:15am          Doors open
9:40am          Zazen (sitting meditation)
10:10am        Kinhin (walking meditation)
10:20am        Zazen
10:50am        End

  • There will be no program on Saturday, September 3 (Labor Day Weekend).
  • Online zazen will be suspended on Monday, September 5 (Labor Day).



Morning meditation:

7:15am — session opens
7:30am — zazen (sitting meditation)
8:00am — robe chant and short service (PDF available here)
8:15am — session ends


Location: Christ Church Cobble Hill, located at 326 Clinton Street (at the corner of Kane Street).

We ask that all participants be fully vaccinated and boosted. Please see the BZC Covid Protocol for additional information.

8:45am — doors open
9:00am — zazen instruction (second Saturday of the month only; doors open at 9:00am every other Saturday)
9:25am — han (wooden board calling people to meditation)
9:40am — zazen (sitting meditation)
10:10am — kinhin (walking meditation)
10:20am — zazen
11:00am — dharma talk or zazen (see the BZC program calendar for details)
12:00pm — service (ceremonial chanting, bowing and incense offering)
12:20pm — soji (temple cleaning practice)
12:40pm — tea (informal tea time)