Online & In-Person Zendo

To join these online offerings, please contact Flo Lunn here in advance. Please note that all times are NY EST.

Schedule changes: Online zazen offerings will be suspended December 8 through December 11, due to the Rohatsu retreat, and also from December 18 through January 1 for the winter break. Online zazen offerings will resume Monday, January 3.

Online meditation


Morning meditation:

7:15am — session opens

7:30am — zazen (sitting meditation)

8:00am — Robe Chant and Short Service (PDF available here)

8:15am — session ends

Monday and Tuesday

Evening meditation:

6:15pm — session opens

6:30pm — zazen (sitting meditation)

7:00pm — session ends


5:15am — session opens

5:30am —  zazen

6:00am — kinhin (walking meditation)

6:10am — zazen

6:40am — service (PDF available here)

7:10am — soji (temple cleaning)

7:25am — session ends


10:05am — session opens

10:20am  — zazen

10:50am — short break

11:00am — dharma talk (see calendar of dharma talks here)

12:00pm — session ends

If possible, please try to “arrive” 5 minutes before the beginning of each scheduled period. You may join in all or part of the schedule, being mindful to arrive before the next event, rather than in the middle of an event.

BZC programs

BZC programs are holding online meetings at this time. Please check the respective pages for more information and meeting details.