Online Zendo

To join these online offerings, please contact Flo Lunn here in advance. Please note that all times are NY EST.

Online meditation


Morning meditation:

7:15am — session opens

7:30am — zazen (sitting meditation)

8:00am — Robe Chant and Short Service (PDF available here)

8:15am — session ends

Evening meditation:

6:15pm — session opens

6:30pm — zazen (sitting meditation)

7:00pm — session ends


10:20am – zazen (if a dharma talk is being offered)

10:50am – break

11:00am – dharma talk (see calendar here)

If possible, please try to “arrive” 5 minutes before zazen begins, although you are welcome to join anytime during the period.

Well-Being Ceremony and Evening Service at Ancestral Heart Zen Monastery

The teachers and monastics at Ancestral Heart Zen Monastery are offering a Well-Being Ceremony and an Evening Service with the Dai Hi Shin Durani, starting at 6:10 pm, as follows:

  • Tuesday: Well-Being Ceremony
  • Wednesday: Evening Service
  • Thursday: Well-Being Ceremony
  • Friday: Evening Service
  • Saturday: Well-Being Ceremony

If you would like to add a name to the list of names to be chanted in the Well-Being Ceremony, please email  by 10 am that day. If you don’t already have access to the Zoom link for these offerings, please contact .

BZC programs

BZC programs are holding online meetings at this time. Please check the respective pages for more information and meeting details.