Dharma talk by Kosen Greg Snyder: Being of Service (12/14/2018)

Dharma talk by Kosen Greg Snyder: Being of Service (12/14/2018)

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2018 Rohatsu Sesshin – Day 3

Someone hands us a broom and we take it. We don’t go through all the reasons why we don’t want the broom right then and then. Because, really, who cares wether I want the broom at that moment or not. It’s not to say I still don’t argue. I do. My mind argues. But who cares? If it’s coming from a sense of service, who cares? If we are confusing the two [being of service or being a servant] then it matters a whole lot.

Some religious communities confuse the two. They use the sense of service to convince you that being in a kind of servant position is a good thing. You should just accept your lot because it’s good to be of service. Well, those are not the same thing.

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