online & in-person weekly meditation schedule

There are, strictly speaking, no enlightened people, there is only enlightened activity. – Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

BZC’s online weekly meditation schedule is open to the public at all times. No one is turned away from any offerings in our online weekly meditation schedule for lack of funds. Come as you are! Your practice at BZC is a deeply appreciated form of giving practice (generosity).

If you are not currently supporting BZC with a membership pledge, we invite you to make a dana contribution to support continuity of our shared online practice. Thank you for being a part of our online practice community!

Online Zendo

To join these online offerings, please contact Flo Lunn here in advance. Please note that all times are NY EST.



Morning meditation:

7:15am — session opens
7:30am — zazen (sitting meditation)
8:00am — robe chant and short service (PDF available here)
8:15am — session ends

Monday and Tuesday

Evening meditation:

6:15pm — session opens
6:30pm — zazen (sitting meditation)
7:00pm — session ends

If possible, please try to “arrive” 5 minutes before the beginning of each scheduled period. You may join in all or part of the schedule, being mindful to arrive before the next event, rather than in the middle of an event.


Location: Christ Church Cobble Hill, located at 326 Clinton Street (at the corner of Kane Street).

We ask that all participants be fully vaccinated and boosted. Masks will be required indoors at all times.

8:45am — doors open
9:00am — zazen instruction
9:25am — han
9:40am  — zazen (sitting meditation)
10:10am — kinhin (walking meditation)
10:20am — zazen
11:00am — dharma talk (see the BZC program calendar here)
12:00pm — service
12:20pm — soji
12:40pm — tea