Brooklyn Zen Center Sit-A-Thon FAQ

Similar to a walk-a-thon, the 2019 BZC Sit-A-Thon is a fundraiser where instead of walking all day, we will meditate! Leading up to the Sit-a-Thon on June 1, you can support the BZC Sit-a-Thon here by:

1 – Setting up your own fundraising page;
2 – Donating to one of the sitters;
3 – Donating directly to BZC.

2019 BZC Sit-A-Thon Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Brooklyn Zen Center holding a Sit-A-Thon?
Perhaps you’ve heard our teachers discuss the particular challenges of practicing in the rush and noise of New York City. There are also practical financial concerns like increasing rent. BZC as a nonprofit organization has these same concerns as you. So as we accrue extra costs to keep the doors open, this effort is vital to help anchor and sustain programming such as Awake Youth Project and the Scholarship Fund.

Is there a minimum amount of money I have to raise to sit?
Nope. The sangha is grateful for any amount. You can ask your friends and family to support your practice and a place you love, or you can be the sole donor to your page.

Do I have to sit for the whole day?
No! The day will be an open, fluid structure for you to come, sit and celebrate as fits your schedule. Whether you stay for an hour or stay for the day, we’re grateful for your participation and happy we can sit together. Anyone with a fundraising page is also free to bring your families!

What is the schedule?
The sit will start with a bell and incense at 10 am and end with a bell at 5 pm. We will have snacks throughout the day and lunch from 12-1:30. The community will be sitting and holding the space together. For some of us individually that means being in the zendo all day. For others of us, that means joining for only a little while. You are welcome to sit for as long as you wish. Whenever you sit, we hope you’ll be able to join us for our party at 5 pm!

I want to sit, but I don’t want to fund raise. Can I still participate?
Yes and no. We ask that everyone who joins us on Saturday, June 1, to set up a page. Even if you only raise $1, we are encouraging 100% participation from the sangha to show that we are holding the responsibility of BZC’s financial sustainability together. That being said, if you don’t want to fund raise, you can still create a page and be the only donor. You can even make your donation anonymously. Having many pages helps show that our sangha is vibrant and larger than a handful of people.

Also, a generous sangha member has stepped forward to announce they will anonymously donate $50 to all pages posted by June 1! So even if you do only raise $1, it will count as $51 towards the campaign!

I can’t sit on June 1. Does that mean I can’t participate?
If you can’t be in the zendo with us on June 1, you can still join us in spirit by fundraising and sitting as long as you like wherever you will be. Or perhaps you’d rather find an entirely different time to sit. If you’d like to highlight on your page that you’re following a different schedule that’s fine. By creating a page, you’re sharing that BZC is important to you and asking for donations to help support it. How you share that and your sitting intention is up to you.

Why does it feel competitive?
The day is not intended to be a fundraising competition. We hope people are successful in whatever efforts they undertake, and we are grateful for every dollar from every person. In years past, the community has set its own tone of a playful competition, but that was an organic manifestation of joy and not the spirit in which we are organizing the campaign.

Please reach out to the Brooklyn Zen Center Board with any additional questions at