2021 BZC Membership Drive: a Testimonial from Bianca

Brooklyn Zen Center (BZC) is having a membership drive during the month of October!

During this month we’ll be sharing testimonials from current BZC members, like the one below, from Bianca Ozeri. We encourage you to consider joining us and become a member today!

I joined BZC in 2019, after studying under Kosen Greg Snyder at Union Theological Seminary. My decision to become a member had as much to do with Kosen’s teachings as with the many inspiring people I met through BZC in those three years. I had found a group of people who, like myself, were committed to healing—and to doing so beside one another. It was this—far more than being or feeling like a Buddhist—that really drew me to membership. I wanted to be a part of and help support a community in which each and every member was working toward self-discovery. The deeper I’ve entered into this community (which has been a challenge for me, considering my conditioning), the more I’ve witnessed the truth of that sentence. The commitment, care, and devotion that people at BZC show to one another and to their practice is astonishing; the kindness is breathtaking! And what’s more is how my own membership has deepened that commitment in me—in a way, it is a vow, and I have seen it work on me in the last two years. Maybe it sounds grandiose, but I honestly feel like supporting this community monetarily helps to elevate the energy of money itself, in a time when that energy is quite low. My relationship to the identity of capital-B Buddhist remains complex, but this feels beside the point—I have neither regrets nor reservations about making these monthly payments. If you have tasted even just a morsel of what I’m talking about here, please come and join us in membership!

– Bianca Ozeri

You can become a BZC member here. Thank you all for your generous support and your consideration.