2021 BZC Membership Drive: a Testimonial from Cat

Brooklyn Zen Center (BZC) is having a membership drive during the month of October!

During this month are are sharing testimonials from current BZC members, like the one below, from Cat Von Holt. We encourage you to consider joining us and become a member today!

I think and worry a lot about aligning my actions with my values. I often feel anxious and uncertain about how well or how poorly I’m accomplishing that goal. And this makes sense! My life is messy, just like everyone’s. Amidst this messiness, the Brooklyn Zen Center sangha provides me much-needed joy, love, and clarity. I’ve also found it useful to remember that, for better or for worse, much of my “action” in this world is monetary in nature: how I spend money is a big part of my impact on the world around me. My BZC membership is one of the best ways I’ve found to align my action in the world with my values and with my heart. Giving a little bit every month allows me to acknowledge and express gratitude for the light that is this sangha. It strengthens my practice and reminds me that I am part of this beautiful, larger community that I have come to love so deeply in such a short period of time. It helps me say “thank you.”

– Cat Von Holt

You can become a BZC member here. Thank you all for your generous support!