Leadership Bodies at BZC

September 11, 2022

We wanted to refresh and update the sangha on some of the powerful institutional work happening to strengthen leadership and governance at BZC. Here’s an overview of the leadership bodies at BZC, their roles, how they work together, and how you can contact them.

  • The Board of Directors is in charge of the financial and administrative health of BZC. They review and advise on budgets, strategy, governance, and operations. You can contact them here.
  • The Practice Council is made up of practitioners who have gone through shuso (head student) training and oversee the training and practice health of the center. They set the calendar of retreats and dharma talks, nominate ryo heads, and discern other practice-related issues that arise. You can contact them here.
  • The Sangha Council represents the sangha when making decisions about leadership at BZC. Their role is to review names of those proposed for leadership roles, as well as receiving grievances in the Ethics Process. You can contact them here.
  • Sangha Harmony Allies are here to listen and guide someone through their process, empower that person with agency, and to moderate peer conversations when ethical questions and issues arise. You can contact Inzan Monica Rose Smith here and Renhō Gerardo Dexter Ciprian here.