people of color group


The People of Color group fosters mutual support and understanding among people of color who find nourishment and inspiration in the teachings and practice of Buddhism. The group also provides a safe space and Zen Buddhist context for openly discussing our experience of exclusion and separation resulting from oppressive, racist, social structures.

We begin our meeting by briefly meditating together followed by a quick check-in. Our discussions are open, irreverent and inspired by readings, videos, news events and personal experiences.  We contextualize our discussions in our meditation practice. We also laugh, bond, share and have fun! We are looking for new members to swell our ranks, so if you identify as a person of color and have an interest in Zen practice, come join us!

This group meets at Brooklyn Zen Center on the second Saturday of every month from1:30 pm to 2:30 pm.

For more information about the group, please contact Brenda Loya at brenda.loya[at]gmail[dot]com.