bipoc sangha

Brooklyn Zen Center Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Sangha 

The Brooklyn Zen Center Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Sangha fosters mutual support and understanding among those who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and find nourishment and inspiration in the teachings and practice of Buddhism. The group’s intention provides a safe, brave and cherished space supported by a Soto Zen Buddhist context to openly discuss our experiences living and navigating oppressive, racial, biased, social structures.

Dedicated BZC practitioners of color facilitate each meeting to support overall flow.

Message from BZC BIPOC co-facilitators:

After years of coming together, learning about the Dharma, laughing and crying together, dancing and drinking tea, the BIPOC Sangha will go on break for the time being.

We have made this decision for a number of reasons including a steady decrease in capacity to facilitate over this past year in our facilitator family.

We don’t know what the future holds, and we trust that the seeds planted throughout all these years will bear fruit in ways we have yet to realize.

Please check back for any news or updates, and see this resource list for BIPOC community offerings in case it is of support.

Please feel free to join our facebook group and email us at if you have any questions, or would like to to join our community email discussion list.

Deep bows,

Dexter, Kiku, Lissa

Testimonials  from BIPOC Sangha Members:

“The POC Sangha is where I am continually reminded that I can come as I am. A Be-in for Be-ings. Love to you all.” ~ Camille

“The POC Sangha is a place I feel safe to allow my emotions to be present in community. It is where I find acceptance for tenderness amongst other sweet souls.” ~ Alma

“The POC Sangha offers such love, support, acceptance and ways to approach life. I can be my full self and enjoy a spiritual community free of shame.” ~ Carrie

“The POC sangha is a bright spot of love and light in Brooklyn. I feel welcomed and accepted as I am whenever I visit the POC sangha.” ~ Bobi

“The POC Sangha is very dear to my heart. There’s always a lovely new face and always so much love, healing, courage, fierceness and joy.” ~ Dexter

“The POC sangha is home. Especially when I am traveling and in need of a reminder of home I’m able to tap into the felt sense of our POC sangha and feel support, feel grounded, feel the reminders. Thank you, Sangha!” ~ Jozen

“POC Sangha is a refuge for me — a source of love, support, resilience, acceptance, and authenticity where I feel fully seen and heard and receive constant reminders that I am not alone on this path.” ~ Lissa

“POC sangha is a gift in which I continually feel expanded everytime I immerse myself in; the sangha’s voice is full of wisdom and courage.” ~ Yoko