BZC 2019 End of Year Campaign

The 2019 End of Year Campaign for Brooklyn Zen Center (BZC) is an opportunity for you to express your support for our community by taking up the socially healing practice of dana (generosity). Our sangha has tremendous spiritual strength that we need to match with an equivalent financial strength. We invite each of you to engage in this powerful ritual of care by offering a financial contribution to BZC.

NOTE: The BZC 2019 End of Year Campaign is now over. You can donate to BZC at any time here.

By doing so we can continue to thrive for this suffering, beautiful world, and to be a place of refuge and transformation. Our BZC programs are such ways.

The Undoing Whiteness and Oppression sangha mirrors and works intently to dissolve embodied supremacy that’s driven to build walls, block refuge, and destroy, and instead nourish efforts to reconnect with love, truth, liberation…

The People of Color sangha mirrors and works intently to investigate conditioning and self-care to deeper understand and honor the ancestors and elders as reminders of our inherited resiliency, fortitude, liberation…

The Undoing Patriarchy and Unveiling the Sacred Masculine and Unveiling the Sacred Feminine sanghas mirror and work intently to disembody from conditioned constructs based on gender-oppression, which reinforce and feed the gender and sexuality binary by healing in intersectional-fluidity, openness, liberation…

These programs come together with many additional offerings, classes, retreats and Sesshins. On June 10, 2019, we became stewards of fourteen acres of land in Millerton, NY, where we are together working to bring Sōshinji 宗心寺Ancestral Heart Zen Monastery, into being. For us to continue this work of transformation and to allow space for others to enter into this work, we need your support.

We are asking for 100 percent full participation from our sangha members, to each give what is available to you to this campaign, which will support the continuity of BZC as a space of refuge and transformation.

All your support is deeply appreciated. Thank you for you generosity!